Concerning the Restaurant and the food on offer, we have certain standards we strive to uphold:

We want to spoil our guests

A visit to the WestArm-Restaurant, with its excellence in ambience, service and food, should be a triply memorable experience. We want our guests to feel comfortable. 

The atmosphere in our restaurant is as elegant as it has to be, to be a little special. And it is as casual, so that everyone can feel absolutely comfortable. No ties or jackets are required, of course. Just a little bit of savoir-vivre… 

We want to serve our guests fresh food 

We prefer to avoid preserved food. When ever possible our menus are made with fresh ingredients – whether it's meat, vegetables or anything else. We regard this as the most practical way of healthy eating. 

We want to serve our guests food from our region

Many farms in the area produce first class meat, vegetables and fruit. We are proud to work with these neighbours and offer you their finest, fresh products. A small contribution to our environment: transport ways are short. 

We want to serve our guests seasonal food

This policy is a direct result of our first intention: If you want to serve something fresh it has to be seasonal.